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"Thanks so much for all you do as a teacher, both in the private lessons and with the kids in jazz band!  It has been a really special part of Zac’s life and helped him grow and develop not only as a musician but as a person. " Danielle S.

"This man changed my life. I don't mean that as a catchphrase. I mean, in all earnestness, that he single-handedly gave me a gift that altered the course of my life. When I was eight years old and had only a year of beginner's piano under my belt, I started taking jazz lessons with Greg. I was at the time an extraordinarily difficult student to work with, highly distracted and argumentative. Over the course of some five odd years, Greg introduced me to jazz music, theory, composition and much more. I don't understand how he found the energy and patience to deal with my aggressively uncooperative attitude. But he did. And in so doing, he unlocked a creative sentiment deep within me that has fundamentally shaped how I think about communication, and acquiring skills.
Music as a system, has the power to enhance the intellectual and emotional development of a young person in a way that few activities can. I truly believe that having a music teacher as passionate and as talented as Greg Alper can change your life. It definitely changed mine."           Lucas Newman

Thank you for making the jazz summer camp so much fun. Jeremy LOVED it! Your imagination is endless. I never cease to be amazed. The kids don’t realize how much they are learning through listening and playing. All they know is they want to keep on doing it and can’t wait to see what will come next. The length of the days was just right and all of the lunches were a big hit.  Thanks again for putting your heart and soul, not to mention your talent, into the lessons. RK

I am so excited to see him so excited.  What a blessing it is to have you as his teacher.  WH

Nick is really enjoying working with you and each week the benefit is apparent. KB

Trevor is just having the time of his life playing in your band. He was so excited when he arrived at practice. And when he was going to bed, he said, "I just can't stop thinking about how happy I was playing today." He literally went to sleep singing the music.  DD

Thank you so much for all you are doing for the jazz band. You are teaching the kids so much and keep providing them with wonderful opportunities. We feel so fortunate to have met you. Truly, you are a man with many gifts.  GK

Thank you for bringing your Jazz Band to play at our Mirman School Alumni Reception. The students were so accomplished, poised and musically delightful!.   L. M. Geffen

Thank you for being such a positive influence in Cameron's life, he really looks up to you!

Thank your for all your efforts for providing a wonderful opportunity for our kids.

Lucas is such a different person these days - crazy into music - nice to see him come so far. He has already landed a jazz gig at a local bistro!  He is so lucky to have had this musical training. Thank you again.  PN

We are so grateful to have you in our son's life!  ML


“I really enjoy watching you teach - you are masterful.  You are so fluid and so unlike any other music teacher I have seen.  You are fun and engaging and incredibly knowledgable!”  Melanie

“Thank you so much for all you are doing for the jazz band. You are teaching the kids so much and keep providing them with wonderful opportunities. We feel so fortunate to have met you.”  Ruth

“Thank you, Mr. Alper for the wonderful training and experiences you provide. Our boys are having a wonderful time and more excited than every about music. we’re seeing huge improvements already.” Bill

Thanks for all the really valuable knowledge & experience you are imparting to this group. It's amazing stuff.  PLF

On behalf of all the parents, I wanted to thank you for putting in all the extra time and effort to help the boys prepare for their concert this week. They did a wonderful job, the audience went wild and gave them a huge ovation and the parents were amazed at how professional they sounded.  I know you really put in extra effort to organize them and it really paid off. You have been an inspiration to Josh and really furthered his growth as a sax player.  Thanks so much for your encouragement!  ZR

It’s a blessing to have found you. You have taken Shaun beyond. RTS

It is such a pleasure to see Alexander enjoying Jazz. He loves having you as his music teacher. Thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. MT

I see him looking up to you and that is a good thing. His college application letters were full of mentions of Gregory Alper’s support. I cannot thank you enough.  NK

Colin really enjoys playing the saxophone and seems energized by learning about music.  
And that is thanks to you - you're a great teacher! Thanks for everything.  LF

Thanks so much for working with the kids.  I know they got a lot out of playing with you.
Larry  (Founder of Children’s Music Workshop)

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your notes with the New Roads instructor and for advocating so consistently and sensitively for Sam, as well as for your patience and understanding with him. I appreciate all your efforts enormously.  ER

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