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Hot off the Press!

We're pleased to announce the release of our new book, Intervals In Action – Now in stock and shipping!
This book deals with  Intervals, as they relate to chords for jazz improvisation.

Intervals in Action by Greg Fishman & Greg Alper

Intervals in Action provides a fun and creative way to train your ear to hear intervals in many different harmonic contexts. This will help you create and play musical phrases which accurately portray your feelings and emotions through your instrument.

Intervals in Action features the most popular intervals and presents them four different ways:

Section 1 – Intervals in the Cycle: These exercises are designed to help your ear get familiar with the intervals from minor seconds through major thirteenths.

Section 2 – Interval Placement by Chord Type: This section features each interval, from minor seconds through major sevenths, placed within CMA7, C7, Cmi7, Cmi7b5 and Co7 chords.

Section 3 – Intervals over Descending Chords: This section takes each interval and applies it to many different chord types. The roots of each chord descend with each new measure. The two notes that comprise the interval do not change. They are common tones for every chord listed on the page.

Section 4 – Intervals in Action: This section features musical excerpts from Greg Fishman’s popular jazz saxophone books, including: Jazz Saxophone Etudes, Hip Licks for Saxophone, Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone, and Jazz Saxophone Duets. These music examples demonstrate Fishman’s favorite applications of each interval.

Working with Intervals in Action as part of your daily practice routine will expand your harmonic awareness, giving you an increased ability to tap into the melodic and harmonic possibilities hidden within each interval.

“It’s an interval thesaurus!” —David Morrison, Saxophonist

Highlights of Intervals in Action:

• 314 Applications of the Most Popular Intervals
• Organized for Maximum Practice Efficiency
• An Excellent Resource for Ear Training
• Systematically Teaches You to Hear Intervals in Harmonic Context

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