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Acclaimed CD

Greg Alper Band

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Score & Songs by

Gregory Alper

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Song by

Gregory Alper

Song by

Gregory Alper

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Score by

Gregory Alper

Score by

Gregory Alper

Score by

Gregory Alper

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Our new book

Intervals In Action

Thanks so much for all you do as a teacher, both in the private lessons and with the kids in jazz band!  It has been a really special part of Zac’s life and helped him grow and develop not only as a musician, but as a person. 



"Ellis told me when you help him he "feels the passion again." I told him that's the essence of a great teacher!"


"Thank you for the wonderful training and experiences you provide. Our boys are having a wonderful time, more excited than every about music. we’re seeing huge improvements already."  BB​


"Thank you for making the jazz summer camp so much fun. He LOVED it! Your imagination is endless.  The kids don’t realize how much they are learning through listening and playing. All they know is they want to keep on doing it and can’t wait to see what will come next. Thanks again for putting your heart and soul, and your talent, into the lessons."  RK

E V E N T S​

M A Y​


May 20

Alper's Young Musicans appear at the
Lutheran Church Music Fest



June 25

Alper Jazz Camp Begins

Through August



Oct. 26

Alper's Young Musicians appear at MKPOA community event


Gregory directed the Jazz Band for Children’s Music Workshop that won 4 Emmys in  Children/Youth Programming 2007, 2008, 2009, 20015



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